So I watched 500 days of summer for the first time tonight. It was okay and pretty predictable. But hey Tom was cute!~

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gonna watch a film with my mum bye :~)

accidental text ✉ crush

  1. camden: i was nervous
  2. erin: thats cute aw
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The Vow AU → Grace&

Grace was driving home after a long day of work. She couldn’t wait to get home and see him. She just wanted to tell him about his shitty day then they could have dinner and cuddle. He’d make everything better. That was when the car hit here. It was like time had stopped. She couldn’t remember much of it. But she couldn’t remember the searing pain that went through her body as she was cut out of the car. They injected something into her. She needed him, where was he? He should be here. Soon Grace was away with the faeries as the ambulance crew took her to hospital. When she woke up next she was in a room with a group of people. Two older people and a handsome looking young chap. Who where they? She tried to move but she winced in pain. “Where am I?” She asks the people in the room.

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accidental text ✉ crush

  1. camden: you think or you know she does??
  2. erin: she does know
  3. erin: why didn't you just say it straight to her face?
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give me a “the vow” au please and thank-you

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accidental text ✉ crush

  1. camden: bc shes exactly like you
  2. camden: bUUUUUUT she might already know
  3. erin: da fuq? hold a second...
  4. erin: i think she does
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accidental text ✉ crush

  1. camden: you find that sort of thing cute?
  2. camden: i suppose telling her over text wouldnt be the best thing then right?
  3. erin: oh yeah really cute. why do you ask?
  4. erin: noooo it would not!! you've got to make the effort
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accidental text ✉ crush

  1. camden: oh um her name isnt um important whats important is that i like her
  2. camden: do girls really like that bc idk what this girl likes in a romantic sense ig
  3. erin: its not?? ah yes i feel you
  4. erin: i dunno? i think that would be kinda cute personally
  5. erin: but like it depends on the girl, buy her some flowers n stuff?
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text -


roxy: i dropped my glasses behind the couch and now I can' see anything :'(
olive:  baby! awww no. Don't you have any contacts? as soon as i get home i'll find them 
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