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"So I go out for an hour and I come back to find you haven’t even changed your own daughters nappy. Seriously? Why do I even bother”


"Alright then its settled. I can see him every other weekend then you and your lovely new boyfriend can look after him through the week”

Snapchat names anyone?

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alright im going to watch tv for a bit then head to bed replies will be done tomorrow sorreh.

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Full AU idea can be found  here 

Nico didn’t really know what was going on. One minute the sun was out and Nico was enjoying him self then all of a sudden the rain began falling and he was sure he heard some thunder. He felt his nose. It was bleeding. But how? He hadn’t done anything to it. He kne where he needed to go. His legs where wobbly as he made his way over to the persons house. He had to grip on to the wall at one point. He let out a long sigh. He grunted. At last he reached that persons house. That person that could help. He knocked on the door waiting, “Come on come on” He groaned.

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Full AU idea can be found here


Grace looked down at the test in her hand. She had tear stained cheeks. She don’t do this. They couldn’t do this. It was positive. Her fingers ran over the test. She let out a sniff. Grace couldn’t tell him. She was going to have to lie. She didn’t want to ruin his dreams. He had so much going for him. He didn’t need a baby in his life. Having a child would ruin his life. They would probably end up breaking up anyway. A child would tear them apart. She sat on the edge of the bath letting out a long sigh. “God Grace you’re a mess” She said out loud as if someone was listening to her. She bit down on her bottom lip and stood up. He couldn’t see her like this. She wiped her eyes and stuck the pregnancy test in one of her little period bags. He’d never find it there. She heard the door open downstairs. “You can do this Grace” She says out loud to her self as she applies new make-up and heads downstairs.

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like this and i shall scroll through your plots page (we all have one!) and write a starter from one of the aus you’ve reblogged

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i’m so very sleep good night :3

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The Maze Runner cast dancing

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